OpenStack Summit Boston - Upstream Institute
@ Chris Suttles · Wednesday, May 10, 2017 · 2 minute read · Update at May 24, 2020

Upstream Institute

Sunday, I attended this session, and met some great people. I sat with two Swift core contributors, two Cinder contributors, and a Manilla contributor who also previously contributed to Horizon and Trove. The class was an intro to contributing to OpenStack, so I was lucky to end up at a table full of seasoned folks. I made connections with almost everyone at the table, and I really enjoyed speaking with them and learning from them.


  • Launchpad getting replaced with storyboard, which is more of a Kanban feel
  • grtty is a useful tool for doing gerrit via ncurses (mouse free!)
  • Vim users: Vgq will format your git commits nicely!
  • I saw a demo of Swift running in Kubernetes (one of the guys at my table)

We talked about all the stuff in the docs I linked, developer setup/workflow, and some additional detail on:

  • Zuul/Gataekeeper
  • How CI is configured, and how many nodes back it (800-1200)
  • How and when to recheck a diff
  • Elastic rechecks (automatic rechecks that occur to workaround known bugs or CI system failures unrelated to code)
  • Stacking changes from other repos with depends-on: <commit-id>
  • - Using it for metrics and to find core contributors so you can contact them for help landing diffs
  • IRC/mailing lists, and getting help

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